Our Top Picks of Trending Christmas Decor

Every year there is a new trend in Christmas decorations and this year is no different. Depending on what the trend is, you may want to decorate your home or give your old decorations a new twist. Here are a five of our favorites trending in 2018:

House Log Holder


Instead of putting your firewood into a dustbin, place them in this home shaped log holder. It will keep your fireplace neat, cozy and organized.


Additionally, you can use it as an outdoor decoration. It will look great. 

Wood Slices As Plate Chargers


Bring the beauty of outdoors home with these wooden plate chargers. In fact, the entire setting can be emulated for an outdoor table decoration. The natural shades will complement the glow of fresh snow well.


This kind of Christmas tablescape will surely catch your guest’s eyes as they dine on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Tree In Galvanized Tree Collar


If you’re wondering how to cover the unsightly bottom of your Christmas tree, we can give you an excellent idea. Instead of covering the base with a tree skirt, hide it with a metal ring or tree collar.


The one featured in the picture has a subtle gold trim, which is giving it an extra glamorous look.

Oversized Ornaments


Capture the magic of mountain in your own house by emulating the idea featured in the picture above. It’s so gorgeous that it’s making it look like a cabin in the Alps.


Furthermore, this decoration involves oversized ornaments, which are major hit this season.

Bicycle Rims Snowmen


Another trend this year for Christmas decorating is DIYs. As year pass, we might just get tired of using the same store-bought ornaments and decorations – balls, berries, artificial poinsettia, etc.


This year, how about turning those old bicycle rims into something fabulous – like snowman? All you need to do is put 2 or 3 rims together, tie a scarf on the middle and put old wrenches instead of twigs as hands. Complete the look by putting wooden hats on them.


All these ideas are fresh out of the box, so grab some of these inspiration and start decorating your home! Nevertheless, you’ll never go wrong with these trendy Christmas decorations. Also, enjoy the adventure as you decorate. That’s when you will truly feel the Christmas! Until then, Merry Christmas.



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